• Goat Milk:   $2.50 per quart - $5.00 per half gallon 
  • Jersey Milk:  $4.00 per half gallon      
  • Kefir:  $4.00 per quart
  • Yogurt:  $4.00 per quart
  • Yogurt/Fruit Smoothie Mix:  $5.00 per quart 
  • Buttermilk: $4.00 per quart 
  • Assorted Flavors of Fresh Goat Cheese:  $4.00 - 4 oz. tub 
  • Sour cream, sweet cream, eggnog, available through  special order. 


  • Ground Beef:  $5.00 per pound

Other Products:

  • Goat Milk Soap- made the old fashioned way with finest natural  
    ingredients  and scented with only pure essential oils:  $4.00 per bar. 
  • Farm Fresh Eggs From Free Range Chickens:  $4.00 per dozen,
  • Seasonal Fresh fruit preserves. 
  • Local Raw Honey - $6.00 per pint
  • We offer seasonal farm  fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally. Contact us for what is available.


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