R&C Dairy and Farmstead is the fulfillment of a fireman's childhood dream. It is located on Highway 377 just north of Tioga, Texas. near the farming community of Collinsville. Rocky and Carol Testerman have made a home for a herd of dairy goats, miniature jersey cows, a flock of assorted chickens, and Border Collies. 

Wanting to establish a farmstead, they have enjoyed the bounty of the land and have watched their herds and flocks flourish. The farm has produced more than family and friends need, so the Cornucopia Farmstead Market was opened. Inspired by childhood memories of ice cold fresh milk, warm freshly baked breads and pastries, homemade preserves, Carol wants to make a little bit of "homemade from the country" available to all. 

With farm raised goat meat and beef that are free from hormones or antibiotics, seasonal vegetables that are free from pesticides, fresh dairy products including milk, yogurt, cream, buttermilk, and more; health and nutrition can be an easy choice with fresh food from R&C Dairy and Farmstead. We received our Grade A raw for retail permit from the State of Texas after a thorough inspection of our new facilities.

Rocky and Carol welcome you to visit and taste a sample of ice cold goat or jersey milk, have a slice of warm bread, or a bite of homemade cookie. Discover how delicious goat cheese is and learn how goat milk soap can pamper your skin.  Come meet Peaches the queen of the Alpine herd and Lulu the Miniature Jersey cow. Watch Rocky work his favorite Border Collie Tip, a real cow dog.  

Feel free to contact us for any questions or information!

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Rocky & Carol Testerman
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