R & C Dairy and Farmstead CSA

Community Supported Agriculture is a direct partnership with you and our farm. This is an opportunity for members to receive a weekly share of seasonal items we provide, giving you quality produce, and insuring us a constant market. The share will be delivered weekly during the growing season, the first week to be announced. 

Our goal is to provide 30 weeks of produce . You will receive at least 8 to 10 different types of vegetables, fruits or herbs. The choice of what goes into the share is determined by what is in season and available for harvest on the farm. It is each members responsibility to pick up their share at the farm or host location specified. Credit will be given only if we are negligent in our responsibilities as providers, or are unable to produce a weekly share. 

The cost of each share is $30, providing for a family of four. Each member will commit to four weeks of shares. The amount will be paid in advance. After the four week period, the member will have the option to continue for the next four weeks. If the decision is made not to continue, the spot will be filled by a member on our waiting list. 

Most CSA programs require that because the member is investing in the production of the farm, the member shares the responsibility, if through unforeseen circumstances, the farm fails to provide sufficient produce for the weekly share. Our farm produces eggs, meat, honey, and dairy products, as well as produce. We also have baked goods, preserves, soap and a variety of homemade items. If there happens to be a shortage of produce for the share in any week, we will include a choice of these items so that you will receive full value for your share.

We grow over 50 varieties of fruits, veggies and herbs. We harvest for three seasons: For example: 

  • Spring:      Lettuce | Spinach | Onions | Cabbage | Broccoli | Potatoes | Cauliflower | Beets |
                    Strawberries | Blackberries | Chard  | Sweet peas | Carrots | Radishes |  
                    Asparagus | 

  • Summer:   Garlic | Peppers | Tomatoes | Cucumbers | Assorted squash | Eggplant |
                    Sweet Corn | Melons | Peaches | Beans | Okra | Plums | Figs | Grapes |

  • Fall:         Sweet Potatoes | Winter Squash | Pumpkins | Greens | Green Tomatoes |    
                   Pears | Black-Eyed Peas |

To become a member fill out the ATTACHED FORM and submit it to us with your first payment of $120.00.

 Baskets provided/ returned when next pickup is made. 


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